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Stop rats and mice from climbing aboard your Boat with a Pack of 2 Waterproof Disc Guards.
A simple and effective solution to prevent Rats & Rodents gaining access to your Boat, Yacht, Motor Cruiser or Narrow Boat.

These Disc Guards are quick and easy to fix on mooring ropes, lines and anchor chains.

The marine rope rat guards are water proof, durable and lightweight, so if you accidentally drop a disc in the water whilst attaching it to your mooring lines, it will float until it can be safely retrieved.


Available in White or Black the Disc Rat Guards are 300mm in diameter with a center hole of 30mm so you can fit to most mooring lines and anchor chains.

These Rat Guards are robust, lightweight and will not rust or corrode and they are easy to store in a tightly packed locker when not in use!


Other Sizes are available upon request although price may vary.


This product is a compulsory requirement in some parts of the world.

Rat Guard Stopper Discs Boats / Yachts

    • Pack of 2 Discs
    • Dia. 300mm / 30cm / 12" Waterproof Disc Guards.
    • Quick and Easy to Fit
    • Will not Rust or Corrode
    • Lightweight and Easy to Store
    • NOTE: Rope not included