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HYMN NUMBERS - Red numbers on white PVC (Board not included)


Set of 80 (x8 of each 0 - 9) PVC Hymn board number sets.

Screen printed red numbers onto one side of durable 650 microns white gloss PVC.


Each number measures:

100 x 75mm / 10cm x 7.5cm / 4" x 3" but can be trimmed to a smaller size on request.

These plastic numbers are easy to wipe clean and will not discolour or tear like board.


If you request a larger size, please contact us for more information.

Hymn Numbers Red Numbers

    • Set of x80 individual numbers (x8 of each number 0 - 9)
    • Size: 100 x 75mm / 10 x 7.5cm / 4 x 3 inches
    • Material: Long lasting durable gloss PVC, 650 microns thick
    • Bold red numbers on white background (other colours available)
    • Non Fade
    • Easy clean
    • No more folded or bent corners