happy mothers day, pink, self adhesive lettering



Your window display is crucial to entice shoppers into your store, so we are pleased to offer this striking Mother's Day window display letters in pink. (Please call 01733 234118 for more colours).
The stickers will be supplied cut to shape letters with clear application tape for easy installation. They can be fixed to the inside or outside of the window and viewed from both sides.

Sold individually, these stickers are very easy to apply and easy to remove.

Happy Mothers Day Self Adhesive Lettering Window Vinyl Sticker

    • x1 Pink Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering
    • Extra Large: 1000x1067mm / 100x106cm / 39"x42"
    • Large: 800x853mm / 80x85cm / 31"x33"
    • Medium: 600x640mm / 60x64cm / 24"x25"
    • Small: 400x426mm / 40x42cm / 15"x17"
    • Extra Small: 200x213mm / 20x21cm / 8"x8"
    • Vinyl Sticker can be fitted to the outside or inside glass / wall
    • Easy to apply, with supplied detailed instructions (Please call 01733 234118 for assistance)
    • Easy to remove
    • Various colours available (Please contact us for more info)