glass safety window manifestations rectangles, frosted vinyl



A legal requirement for Public buildings, floor to ceiling glass partitions and doors require glass safety manifestations at two levels; between 850mm and 1000mm, and 1400mm and 1600mm off the finished floor level.

These glass safety stickers comply to the legal requirements, designed to highlight glazed areas to avoid collisions. They can be used to highlight potential hazards to comply with current safety legislation or for privacy and decorative purposes.


Supplied with full easy to follow fitting instructions.

Glass Safety Window Manifestations Rectangle

    • x1 Strip of Rectangle / Lines
    • Colour: Frosted Self Adhesive Vinyl / Decal
    • Height Rectangle: 65mm / 6.5cm / 2.5"
    • Size of Strip: 65x1200mm / 6.5x120cm / 2.5" x 47"
    • Peel off backing sheet and stick onto the glass
    • Suitable for safety legislation and decorative purposes
    • Easy to follow installation instructions