beware of passing vehicle on inside sticker



Remind cyclists to be extra cautious when passing your vehicle with this high quality self adhesive sticker. The sticker is gloss laminated for added weather and water proof protection.

The surface area must be clean, dirt and rust free before applying this sticker, this will help the vehicle sticker adhered properly and will remind cyclist to beware of passing larger on the inside.


Ideal for HGVs, Lorries, Vans, Truck or Trailers

Beware of Passing Vehicle on Inside Warning Sticker

    • Size: 200 x 300mm / 20 x 30cm / 12" x 8"
    • High quality self adhesive sticker
    • Gloss Laminated 
    • Weatherproof / Waterproof
    • Non-fade
    • Suitable for rear of Lorries / HGVs / Vans / Trucks
    • Surface must be clean, dirt and rust free before application